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 "Very well written" - Anne B.

 "A Must Read!" - Courtney

 "Cory explains and shows very well how a person is truly in charge of their own destiny" 
- Miguel

 "The only book you'll ever need!" - Mike S.

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Find the answers to All of these Common Challenges and Questions!

  •  Why is being successful necessary?
  • The reason why most people don't make great money
  •  How to identify your purpose
  • ​Learning to flip the mental switch
  • ​Work ethic and why it matters most
  • ​Credit and it's role in success
  • Maximize your current situation
  • ​Increase your skill set
  • ​The approach needed to start increasing your skills
  • ​Why outside influence matters
  • ​Playing the political game at work
  • ​When and what to invest in 

About the Author

After receiving degrees in Planning and Finance, I went to work in the Commercial Credit and Lending Industry. Years of hard work and dedication to my skill set allowed me to rise to the top of several of the largest firms in the industry while earning several awards and achievements along the way. I also simultaneously established myself as an industry leader, top performer and innovator. I went on to be the founder of several very successful financial service companies and have always followed the same proven formula in replicating my success. 

For over two decades I have been the go-to business coach for companies and individuals on finding better ways of handling their most challenging and difficult financial situations. My techniques are based on innovative yet simple structures and proven strategies. As of today I have helped thousands of companies and individuals discover superior solutions that led them from the brink of financial collapse to true profit and massive income growth. 

In 2019 I wrote a book based upon all of my real world teachings and was astonished when it went #1 in four countries, USA, UK, France and Canada for personal finance in it's first week! 

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"A book filled with not only proven Ways to increase your success but also the steps and talents to get it done"
- Mike Smatini


"I like the steps and advice. Sometimes the obvious steps need to be told to me. It is great to be able to see the long view of finances and how I can make changes now that will help me and my family in the future."
- Anne Bell


"This book is an excellent building block that can serve as the cornerstone for a foundation toward a prosperous life that requires continued education, experience and progress to achieve and maintain a desired level of success. "
- Miguel


"Cory's book was an easy read with a lot of valuable information properly organized and supported by realistic examples. It also did not forget the targeted audience; those wanting to better their lives. Too many writers try to impress readers with their writing skills by using five-dollar words from a dictionary and/or thesaurus. Cory was also able to maintain a constant flow using clear language that nearly anyone with a high school reading level can understand. If you enjoyed this book then you'll love his podcast! Happy reading :)"
- M.


"I only review products I truly enjoy and this is one of them! Many books Similar to this don’t give you a lot of help, it’s more like bait to buy more of their services. This book is truly amazing, providing ALL the answers to being successful (seriously). Couldn’t be happier with this download. I promise you will not be able to put it down. Thank you!!"
- Courtney 


"The advice i received from Cory in this book has been amazing. What i learned helped me get out of debt, increase my credit score and increase my income Within a year. My life is forever changed i can't thank him enough"
- Matthew L.

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